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The Spa Set Profile

The Spa Set, has gained a respected reputation in the Spa & Wellness industry and has excellent credentials, having worked at the premier end of the spa/salon/wellness market on many prestigious projects in the UK and overseas. The Spa Set provides a ‘hands-on’ personal approach offering as much support and assistance as is required. This, combined with extensive industry knowledge and a background in spa management, therapy, training, nutrition, product development, and treatment design sets it apart and makes The Spa Set a much sought after service.

‘The concept, style and design of a spa should be unique and individual. By consulting with and, where needed, bringing together new teams of specialists on any given project, The Spa Set will always provide fresh ideas and new solutions’ states founder Lisa Knowles.

‘It is not uncommon for operators to find that they are in need of specialist help in just a few key areas of their business. The Spa Set can enter a project at any stage and as a ‘component service’ can provide professional advice and assistance to meet any singular requirement.’

Lisa Knowles